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As a former tournament tennis player, it became clear to me at a very young age that a person could be incredibly gifted at something, have all these accolades, train in that area, and invest tons of time in it (for me it was 13 years) – and then get to a point on their life path where it’s not serving them anymore, or the terms and conditions for doing that thing are not working for them. They need to take a direction change, and it may take them out of the very field that they got all the accolades in, for which there’s public notoriety, or they made millions of dollars; there’s some type of positive reinforcement that makes it very difficult to get out of that thing.

I offer this service to people that are in transition (or about to enter a transition) and cannot necessarily see or are not clear what they should do, how to navigate the transition, how to deal with the people that have known them for years in this area, and they want to carve out a new life path, or a different life path. And I am uniquely suited to assist people with this, because I’ve done it several times.

I’ve done it successfully, but not without tears – I’m not without heartache – and know that it could be done much better – it could be done beautifully. It’s just that most of us do not have training at a young age on how to transition effectively with a minimal amount of loss and damage to people, to your business, to your investments, etc.

I offer something called a visioning session to people that want to take a deep and thorough look into their lives and talk about the things that are very, very close to their heart and spirit, and they want a trusted confidant – almost a midwife – to be listening on their behalf and asking questions, engaging them in a future that is not necessarily obvious to them. It is an extraordinarily powerful, long-lasting, profound service.

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