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What Is A Rainmaker?

A Rainmaker…

  • Can be anyone, anywhere at any time
  • Makes and delivers commitments
  • Loves surprise, adventure, and challenge
  • Works with and without form
  • Is an instrument of timing
  • Is an agent of delivery and manifestation
  • Serves to uplift and nurture the human spirit
  • Is receptive and flexible
  • Is creative and adaptable
  • Is honorable and humble
  • Is deliberate and moves quickly
  • Is about movement, integration, and joy
  • Is internally directed and energy-efficient
  • Possesses vibrational acuity and spatial acumen
  • Is called or invited to a task, situation, or gathering
  • Can cook, weave, and dance just about anything into this world. Once aligned with your purpose, look out!

A Rainmaking team is like a great orchestra playing a symphony. Rainmaking teams are highly creative, very mischievous, wise, and virtually unstoppable once they kick into high gear. Since they are about making and delivering commitments in time and space, when they say yes to delivering something, watch out! It is merely a matter of time, place, style, and the number of people they will call upon to make sure that their commitments are fulfilled.

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  • maria kiernan November 24, 2011, 3:17 am

    An anagram of my name is A Rainmaker in. This description describes me to a tee Thank you.