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Understanding Global Systemic Transition (Part 1)

Global systemic transition is the transition that is happening right now. It’s the very transition in which all global systems are undergoing change at the same time, where every system is being impacted by other systems. But it’s not just just an organic process. Part of it is organic; the other part of it is synthetic.

Now let’s talk about the organic part first. The organic part is that the consciousness of this civilization is requesting – the collective consciousness is requesting – a better, more effective, more humane way for this civilization to steward itself in all systems. Finance, law, agriculture, business, education, health; everything from health and healthcare delivery to the way law is being practiced, to laws that are being put in, to the way we write contracts, to the way we assume that we’re supposed to do business, to how we take care of each other and how we interact with each other.

So global systemic transition is a fundamental, integral change that’s happening all over the world that’s impacting all of us right now, and has been for several years, and will be for many, many more years.

So the most important thing is to know that we’re undergoing global systemic transition – a lot of we don’t have control over, some of it we do have a say about – and that there’s two parts of it: organic and synthetic.

And now I’m going to talk to you about the synthetic kind of global systemic transition. Stay tuned.

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