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The Sign of Our Times

We are living in one of the most exciting and dangerous times in history. Many of us are being challenged to turn away from parasitic systems of enslavement and misery and move into different life-giving activities, commercial opportunities, and communities. Transition is upon us right now.

The seizure of the world’s natural resources, the poisoning of our food, water, and air, and the total electronic surveillance of our lives is forcing many of us to develop new rules of engagement for being in the world.

Doing business today is much more complex and nuanced. The electronic age is a mixed bag. If you want to live in a more humane world, don’t confuse electronic communication with real relationships, or knowing who your neighbors are and how they are doing, or the importance of sitting down with your family and having meals together. This is real life.

Practically everything we’ve been indoctrinated to believe about life and work is out of touch with what is available to us today. New discoveries about nonlocality and consciousness are not only mind-boggling; they are game changers that require us to embrace paradox and ambiguity.

Beings and agencies that insist on using deceptive practices, protocols, and instruments for market and industrial domination will eventually realize that they are at the tail of a riveting new industrial complex of markets, projects, and products that they never perceived. This new complex is emerging.

Receptivity is a human imperative. Imagination is an agency of transport. The current behind the currency matters. Our children and future generations are counting on us to prepare the way for them. Get ready for a state change in the way you think, do business, and navigate the world.

It’s Rainmaking Time!

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