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On The Nature of Fish

Some people like to fish. Other people like to be fished. It’s a good thing to know where you stand in the matter.

About “Little Fish”

Little Fish highly resent being eaten by Big Fish just because they are smaller in size, for they too deserve to live and prosper. They have their own ways and means that are often invisible to Big Fish. Little Fish can be very smart, and often navigate the exact same waters where the Big Fish hang out without being seen – or eaten alive! – by them. As you might imagine, this takes a rather intelligent Little Fish. And the world needs more of those!

About “Big Fish”

Big Fish are kind of “heavy”, as in “heavy hitters”. They have very big appetites; it takes a lot to fill them up, and they are often busy swallowing Little Fish in huge gulps. Sometimes they don’t even taste the food they eat. They think, “Why chew or taste what is in front of you when you can just swallow it whole in one giant gulp?”

Big Fish tend to act like they know just about all there is to know about everything and everyone. They often play a very smooth hide-and-seek game. Sometimes they send emissaries to check things out, and call it “due diligence”.

Big Fish play business like they really don’t want or need what you have to offer, even as they’re circling you. They don’t like to let Little Fish know that they are fascinated by them or their work.

Big Fish tend to overlook Little Fish with Big Fish capability. Would you know if a Little Fish had Big Fish capability? It’s a great time to sort out how you would recognize such a Fish.

Have you met an intelligent Big Fish lately? If so, let them know that everyone can swim together cooperatively and profitably. We like intelligent fish.

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