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The Human Weather Report

The climate of our times marks an explosion of opportunity, fear, fascination and curiosity about the technological age, which is upon us. The collective atmosphere in the world is full of possibility, receptivity and anxiety, which is all going on at the same time. Business as we know it is changing so fast, that many of us are struggling to keep up. Creativity is at an all time high. Competitive intelligence is more complex and growing more fierce. People and companies want to know how to get more done in less time, they want to have more fun doing what they do and they want to know how to use existing and emerging technologies to expedite all of the possibility they are so filled with. There is much in the way of uncertainty about where the technology is going, who will be there at the helm and who may get left behind. The global information age is crowning and all of us are part of it. 

A different level of receptivity, compassion and flexibility is needed. People want to be utilized in ways that are consistent with their range, depth and skill level. They don’t want to fill slots for employment purposes. They want to experience jobs and support organizations and projects that give them meaning and allow them to step into their full-blown range and skill level. They want more dominion about their time and energy. They want to know with whom and to what end will their energies be utilized. The masses are crying out for meaning and for work which inspires growth and provides more joy and creative stimulation.

Some awakening and fine tuning is needed. Another level of commitment, input, structure, exploration and imagination needs to be called forth. What is for sure, is that so very often, people with vision and leadership prowess which include, and are not limited to, entrepreneurs, pioneers, change agents, artists, scientists, thinkers, researchers, explorers, creative genius and people carrying critical path intelligence are not being fed and properly supported. They are being starved off by an antiquated mindset and belief structure about reality. This mind set is one that obstructs spirit, blocks important challenges, undermines works of high-level substance and discourages the very people whose work and energies are so critical that the well being of our planet depends upon them.

The “make it happen and think positive” strategies and philosophies are not delivering the badly needed level of receptivity, flexibility, humility, trust, inner knowing and directedness that so many of us are all being called to integrate. Our world is undergoing massive transition. Few of us will be permitted to escape this leap of consciousness that beckons us. The dawn of this crowning age is here. It is the age of integration, manifestation and unity. This age is seeking real local, national and worldwide opportunities that must be recognized, named and embraced. This embrace will ask of us that we resolve and lay to rest the deeper problems that continue to take up most of our energies. For many of us, this will be a very tall order and may challenge us to our very foundations.

People want to know what they need to do to move their contributions forward. They are looking for how to take their vision, ideas, projects, businesses and products into the world. They want to be empowered to use their energies more efficiently, to get more done in less time. We are seeking exponential growth. For this to occur, fundamental rethinking of our basic assumptions about power, control, time, energy, resources, space and process. Leveraging our time, energy, resources, access, experience, capability and knowledge in what we already possess is an important key into the growth that beckons us.

We want to know how to locate people of like mind to connect and collaborate with. We find ourselves working more and playing less. Industries are changing so fast that just staying current takes a substantial commitment of what is left of our personal time .We find ourselves asking very different questions than we ever did. Many of us are much more open to questioning what life and work is about and rethinking what being successful really means.

While we may be more open to collaboration and excited about what it means to operate in a non-hierarchical structure, there is a lot of apprehension about the reality of it. We are not familiar with how non hierarchical structure really works, it’s energetic nuances and inner workings, complexities and how new ways of “getting things to happen” are really going to serve the greater good of organizations, industries and consumers worldwide. We are faced with having to operate “as if” we know, and yet, we are being forced to stay receptive and open to the fact that a new world is emerging, that technology is changing the rules and playing field of national and global business. We are in the age of transition. We don’t know where it is all going and yet, this uncertainty is not a bad predicament. Everything we thought about what can and cannot happen is now up for grabs. This is an exciting time for modern day explorers.

Business opportunities are opening up to more people. People around the world are now getting a taste of the stage of formation, a stage that until recently, has been understood as a pre – reality or non- reality stage. Our notions about how long things have to take to show up is being forced to change. “Formation” is one of the most exciting, engaging, creative and receptive stages of the manifestation process. Even the concept of manifestation as we know it is having to be rethought and reformulated.

After five years of traveling and meeting with literally thousands of people face-to-face about their concept and understanding of formation, it is clear that even highly aware people with business savvy and common sense could use some serious rethinking about perception and reality to be better able to respond to the number of opportunities and new markets that are presenting themselves. We are being called upon to be open to those things we “don’t know” and “can’t prove”. Of the thousands of people that I have personally met with, below are what I found to be the critical operating assumptions that keep so many of us from moving into more meaningful, exciting and prosperous opportunities. For modern day Rainmakers and Explorers, here marks a glimpse of the human climate/weather report of collective thought. Often, people:

  • Are both hesitant and often resistant to venturing out into the unknown and are discouraged from doing so
  • Operate and act “as if” they know all there is to know about manifestation
  • Are reluctant to get involved or invest time and energy into anything that is not already formed, funded and has some public acclaim or track
  • record in a proposed endeavor
  • Experience difficulty distinguishing between a person with lots of enthusiasm and a good idea from a person who is grounded in a vision and carrying the material, blueprint, energy and level of commitment necessary for manifestation to occur in an area of concentration and focus
  • Are mildly open to the possibility that one can enable and facilitate the manifestation of multiple and simultaneous ventures. This is collectively
  • viewed as a “dispersion of energy”, a “lack of focus” and a form of being “scattered”
  • Have difficulty trusting and acting on behalf of their own intuition in practical day-to-day living
  • Do not value, support, fund and facilitate exploration, examination, inquiry, imagination, discovery and manifestation of others accept, at a conversational level
  • Feel that process is important, but, does not really have to do with them
  • Operate mostly from linear thinking,(logic), as the prime mover of most of their decisions and actions
  • Are deeply attached to and operate almost primarily out of irrational, outdated, primally driven, unexamined and ineffective beliefs about power and control
  • Know that timing is important and yet, somehow, do not know how to detect people who possess mastery of this critically important and badly
  • needed faculty
  • Believe that things take a long time to become “viable” if they are “worth” anything
  • Believe that people are hired based on past experience, skill level and personality fit
  • Believe that their will combined with positive energy will be sufficient to get them where they want to go
  • Feel that spirit is important, but not something that can be measured, not something that can be tied to overall profitability. . . After all, “you can’t control it”.

Visionary leadership, readiness and accountability need to be recognized quickly by more people worldwide. People have a very difficult time supporting what they can’t see, sense or control. New criteria and structures are being called upon to unify those with visionary prowess and leadership capability with those with receptivity, imagination and fiscal capability. What is needed are agents of manifestation.

We call these agents “Rainmakers”. The exciting technologies that are available now need to be fully utilized to support the expression and modeling of human generosity, adventure, exploration, ingenuity and discovery. The time in human history for major expansion is now! Transition is upon us. The labor has begun. Humankind is in labor. We need midwives, not technicians. We need to call upon ancient wisdom. For this birth, we need teamwork of another order.

Rainmaking is about delivering commitments. It is about the full utilization of human capability and receptivity. It is about the establishment and support of structures, vehicles, applications, thinking and processes that are highly efficient and better suited to serve the greater good. It is time in human history for the marriage of service and profit to be fully enabled to live on earth, rather than in people’s ideals. It is time to build structures and set forth endeavors that ignite creativity, stimulate thinking and action, light up collective spirit and call forth and nurture greatness.

A rethinking of our basic notions of time, space, energy, resources, and intelligence is in order. Rainmaking is about calling forth whatever and whoever is needed to move humanity forward. For this to occur, integration and receptivity to new ways of thinking and operating is key. The Rainmaking Company is here to stand and deliver the message that “spirit is profitable, substance will be funded and the Rainmakers of the world are uniting”.

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