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Suppose you want to retain someone to go and meet people in a certain country or several countries of the world and establish communications and relations – to liaise for you. Or let us suppose that you’d like somebody very high level to scope out a situation that may be occurring somewhere in the world, or to get the lay of the land, what’s really going on in an area. Or, you’d like someone to go and do due diligence on behalf of something, but you don’t necessarily want the government to do it, you don’t necessarily want an attorney to do it, you don’t necessarily want someone in finance and only finance to do it – you want someone in communication to do it. Or, you’d like something to be communicated on behalf of you and your group, and it’s a delicate and complex matter and you need a sophisticated, refined communications person to do it. Or there’s been some type of conflict, and there needs to be some either healing or a resolution and a new beginning – you need a liaison that will go before you and get this done at a beautiful, high level.

This is an example of emissary services that are so important. It is important to have another set of eyes meeting the people and the companies and going to the locations where you want to do business.

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