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There are people that are convinced that because you have mutual interests you can do business together; that because you have some chemistry, you’re gonna get along; that because you like similar things, or were born in the same month, or whatever you want to call it – there’s a lot of beliefs about compatibility that just aren’t true and don’t hold up over time.

Compatibility in the area of attracting and retaining the right partners, associates, strategic alliances has eluded people in business, and it’s even more important today in a global economy. Who you’re relaying sensitive information to, product launches, big project launches, funding, who’s involved with you, keeping trade secrets – all this is extremely important, and you have to have a willingness to use new tools of securing the compatibility realm, and not just winging it by saying, “we have synergy” or “we have chemistry” or “we get along fine” or “we have the same politics”.

One of the things that The Rainmaking Company offers is to assist you in making sure that the people you’re doing business with, you’re really compatible with. And we’re pretty good at it. We’ve identified several ventures that were not going to be compatible ventures between people that wanted to merge companies. On paper, the deals looked great, and the financial opportunity looked terrific – but the personality part of that merger was a disaster.

Because a lot of people are still operating in a “business is business” mentality, they will weigh on the side of the deal looking good and a lot of times allow that to make the decision for them to do business and to get in bed with people and organizations that they really have no business being in bed with, no business being married to, no business doing business with – period. Compatibility should be one of the keys in doing business with people in terms of being on the same side of the net.

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