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Communications Counsel

Communications counsel can be for mending relationships that have gone awry in business or personally. They can be for coming up with the language and expression for a book, a movie, a film, or any product. Communications counsel is strategic counsel on how to best communicate and present what it is that you want people to buy; and it doesn’t matter what it is. Communications counsel is also media coaching behind the scenes, doing analysis on what it is that you’re presenting and communicating and actually giving you feedback whether it’s effective or not.

Many people who are public assume that because they’re public and they have notoriety that what they’re communicating is clear, that there’s no confusion, and a lot of times they assume that whatever they’re saying, people are absorbing it – and it’s not always true. In fact, very few people will give people proper feedback about whether what they’re saying, what they’re communicating, is getting through or not.

Communications counsel is essential if you have important communication you want people not just to receive, but to absorb properly. Downloading communication is a thousand times different than communicating. Because of the Internet, and because we are in an electronic format so much of the time, people assume that because they’re communicating that they’re understood or that what they’re really selling is clear. And it’s not always true.

Communications counsel is important for packaging. It’s important for having the right strategy for communication. Timing your efforts very, very well is also involved in communication; there are some things that should be communicated now versus a year from now, and there are some waves of public activities that will be taking place where some things are better off being communicated into the future. So communications counsel can be a major, major asset for you.

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