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It’s an exciting time to be alive. There’s a feeling of so much possibility and yet so many big challenges. Many riveting discoveries are changing life as we know it. For example, our brains are not our consciousness, but rather, an interface for consciousness. Consciousness is part of our biology; yet, we won’t find this [...]

This subject is complex however, this particular article is about business to business Non-Disclosure Agreements. If you're about to sign a business to business NDA or, a Non-Disclosure-Agreement? Think again! The reason is that so many operating NDA's are often one- sided legal traps that ensnare the signer, and function as if, the issuer is [...]

So many wonderful scriptwriters with great stories have gone to great lengths and risked so much to write and circulate stories without a clear pathway to protecting, marketing and financing them. Even with a big publishing house, believe it or not, most authors still must personally market their own creations. If you publish independently, spending [...]