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Casting is not just important in films or television; casting is important in all of life. Who your friends are, who your associates are, who’s on your board of directors, who are your board of governors – all of this is very important. I remember many years ago, I was sitting with a gentleman who wanted to form a new television network, and he had somebody on his board worth over $50 million. The woman who was on the board was the most negative, unhappy, miserable, divisive, destructive person; and I remember saying to him, “It doesn’t matter that she’s worth $50 million – you have a poison pill on your board of directors, and it’s very bad, what you have. If you don’t change it, you’re not going to manifest your network.”

This is where a lot of people become blinded, because people are lured by people with money. And so in casting, you still have to use the same discernment about the person’s vibration, their consciousness, what they’re about, what they emanate, what they pull for, what they talk about, and what they’re involved with. And you don’t have to agree on everything, but their energy will tell you a lot about what you can expect.

Casting is very important for business, though. That’s at a board of directors level. You can have a brilliant CEO that can’t get along with anybody; you can have a head of marketing that actually obstructs business (imagine that – obstructs business!); you can have people functioning as power brokers that mostly act as gatekeepers and they keep business away; and you’d never know it unless you knew how to discern for it. So casting is very, very important!

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