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What would you say about somebody whose pastor tells her that he wants to use her money to make money, and he goes into her trading account and he begins trading as her – and, because he’s a pastor, she gives him authority to get into her brokerage account and begin trading and buying stocks? Only what this guy does is he starts buying stocks with his involvement, being on the Board of Directors for those companies; and this is before the 2008 crash. I hear about all of this, and I go into her account and notice that 1/3 of her capital and her savings is gone and missing from her account. That’s a pastor in somebody’s account trading as them – as the client – and he never bothered to inform her that 1/3 of her savings is gone.

Another client who had hundreds and thousands of dollars in a brokerage account gave permission for somebody to go in and trade as him, under his name. He was reaping a huge amount of money every month, only to find out after he was guided in by The Rainmaking Company that there was nothing in his account. All the money had been taken out of the account and liquidated and was being used somewhere else. The client had no knowledge of it until we guided him to take authority over his brokerage account.

So the financial side of this company is for our clients to take full authority and to have full comprehension of all their investments and financial activities and not to give their power away. And we work with people very carefully and very privately to do that, and we’ve been in very, very delicate situations where we’ve had to work with law enforcement to clear up some of the matters that have happened to some clients.

The legal side of the business is a whole systems approach to agreements and having great terms and conditions, and that’s done before you get to any type of legal person. This is a very, very serious, exciting, and important part of The Rainmaking Company’s services.

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