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Blind Spot Identification

To be human is to have a blind spot. Everybody has blind spots. Blind spot identification is a remarkable ability to look into somebody’s vibration, and to listen for where they are off the mark, or where something is off, or where they don’t see what they need to see, and to bring it to them. Unfortunately, many people who have a lot of competence also have a blind spot with regard to getting feedback that they need to hear to keep them completely distilled in their abilities, their gifts, their skills, and their greatness.

To have somebody like this in your corner – not just a “yes person”, a person who doesn’t need what you’ve got, is absolutely invaluable. And if they’re great at it, look out. The world can turn on a dime when a blind spot has been revealed to you, the knowing of which can change your direction, your conditions, everything – all situations. Blind spot identification is an art and a craft, and you should definitely hire The Rainmaking Company to provide it for you!

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