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About Kim Greenhouse

Kim Greenhouse is the CEO of The Rainmaking Company, the producer and host of It’s Rainmaking Time!,  as well as a public speaker, writer and Rainmaker who asked a question and found herself traveling all over the USA, raising money and talking to people from different fields to address a question that would not leave her alone.  The question was, “What would it take to expedite the funding and fast track the delivery of a critical mass of solutions, discoveries and new ventures that would serve the greater good of the world? The findings and insights from living with this question and the many years of traveling is worthy of it’s own separate speaking tour.

As a young tournament tennis player, Kim learned early on the many unique benefits of competitive training. After becoming a protege of Tennis Master and World Champion Pancho Segura at age 9, her mind and spirit was highly trained to focus on strategy, timing, reading energy, and “how it all works together”. Working with a Master so early in life prepared her to seek the highest level of whatever she applies herself to.

Kim went on to become a top-ranked junior tournament tennis player in singles and doubles. During and after her college years at UCLA, she taught tennis to Middle Eastern royalty and public figures including Sting, Phil Collins, Bobby Lamm (Chicago), and Roy Bittan and Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen Band). This experience taught Kim how to hold confidence and information and the nature of doing business with champions of their fields and high profile people.

After her first pro tournament at age 17 and exhausted from 10 years of continuous competitive training with little rest and unstimulated by the day-to-day life of a tennis pro she took a scholarship to Berkeley. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelors in Anthropology, she went to work for a commodities trader in Los Angeles thinking she would become a commodities trader.  Kims’ path had a life of it’s own.

A year later, she was teaching tennis to the owner of Concorde Communications, a Parisian-born entrepreneur who had just signed a 25 million dollar deal with Bell Canada for a project called “Protocol” and she was invited to take part of the project. Protocols intent was to enter the US market and take over the industry with a Century 21 concept and franchise model and within 2 years to have 10,000 franchisors. Kim joined the  development team and hit the ground running. It is here where rainmaking started. It was here where Kim could not find the words to explain what she does and why whatever she put her attention to something that she got results.  Kim had a problem that had no language. No job or title fit her real role in the company. What she knew is that if she made a commitment or a promise to deliver something, it would be done. Kim finally realized that she is a Rainmaker, but, when she went to look up what that means, the word was riddled with incomplete and misguided explanations. There was a real mystery to what a Rainmaker really does.

Kim soon became convinced that the business world lacked a language and an operating paradigm for people who make and deliver commitments. In 1993, she left Concorde Communications and founded The Rainmaking Company, a manifestation agency set up in the spirit of the Navy Seals. Kim’s signature make-it-happen company would carry out creative, visionary, and industrial missions or assignments and provide a whole systems approach to doing business. After raising funds for research, she spent the next seven years traveling all over America to find out what it would take to fund, fast-track and deliver critical solutions and discoveries for humanity.

Upon returning from this long research focus, in October of 2001, she did her first television broadcast at a California public broadcasting studio. 65 segments later, she had fallen in love with broadcasting. She loved the cameras, the experience and the opportunity to make knowledge and stories come alive and to touch people around the world. The only problem was that at the time, television production was very expensive. She thought if she took the show to the radio marketplace, that would be easier, cheaper and a faster way to build distribution.

Kim entered the radio marketplace in 2004 and launched It’s Rainmaking Time!® in Colorado, producing 13 segments. After shopping the show all over America for the next five years and sending out her interview with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Yunus, the founder of The Grameen Bank, she realized that the radio marketplace was not only very restrictive and unreceptive to her unique format and programming, but that the legal contracts for being on the air were predatory and the terms required a gag order on her ability to cover content that she felt was important and timely. Without a proper home, It’s Rainmaking Time!® was shelved until 2009. During that time Kim consulted with private clients.

In 2005, Kim was introduced to an older entrepreneur who had an incomplete prototype and an insight about a need in the medical marketplace who really wanted to make his prototype a sought after global solution. The client asked her to do all of the development work necessary and to bring the new medical product called Oxyband to the global marketplace. The product’s trade secret demanded a below-the-radar approach to development. The Rainmaking Company did all market research and due intelligence, developed the product pricing, packaging and marketing presence, set up the manufacturing and distribution, wrote the business plan, set up relationships with power brokers in the industry, and secured all intellectual property and legal matters. After introducing the product at the industry trade show and launching the product, her participation in the project was done. The launch of this product and the insights gained from this international project should be shared with every major entrepreneurial outlet in the world.

It’s Rainmaking Time!® re-launched online in 2009 with the help of sound editor and webmaster Andrew Abang. The show now attracts approximately 25,000 listeners per month. The guests are bestselling authors, leaders of industry, and pioneers from around the world.

For the last four years, Kim has consulted privately, taught seminars and produced 285 segments of It’s Rainmaking Time!®