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The Rainmaking Company was founded 20 years ago to facilitate the manifestation, growth, and funding of life-giving economies, companies, products, and services, as well as to prepare leaders and stewards to effectively navigate the competitive and rapidly-changing global environment.

Instead of fighting over the limited space left in this economy and being overwhelmed with fear and loss, we can use this time to catapult ourselves into a new framework for cooperation and success. It’s time to pull out all the stops, stop chasing nonexistent jobs, move into new opportunities, and start building immediately.

Totally new kinds of communities, housing, and environments for work and recreation are needed. Healthy, nutrient-rich food needs to be grown in better-optimized, uncommon places. Water must be located, cleaned, and delivered where it is needed. Decentralization is an idea whose time has come. When we embrace it, transportation and many forms of energy power will fall into place at a negligible cost. Getting power from our environments will be seamless.

To meet these challenges, we must be willing to do business in new ways that cultivate prosperity despite the unprecedented global systemic economic meltdown and drastic legal changes in the world. The Rainmaking Company will prepare you, your families, and your colleagues on the most intimate of levels so that whatever you touch bears fruit for everyone involved.

Media Inquiries

Kim Greenhouse, the founder and CEO of The Rainmaking Company and the host of It’s Rainmaking Time!®, is available for media appearances. Whether you’d like to schedule her for a media engagement, an interview in print, radio, television, or internet media, or to write a guest article for your publication, website, or blog, Kim’s diverse life and business experience has laid a compelling foundation for addressing the problems and opportunities facing the world today.

To schedule Kim for a media appearance, please call (626) 398-8652.